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  1. Extraction time for a single shot from a double basket
  2. Barista for specialty coffee house in Lakes Entrance needed
  3. Coffee's little secret to stop/slow down the onset of sleep
  4. Selling your roasts - What to do?
  5. Commercial Machines - Dual Boiler or Heat Exchanger?
  6. Meaning of VST's
  7. Feeling the pressure!!
  8. Cold press coffee slush machine?
  9. Date codes on pre-packaged beans
  10. Cupping session in Adelaide
  11. Coffea Dewevri - anyone roasted or tasted it?
  12. Beginner Barista
  13. The right (group) water temperature?
  14. Coffee Machine for Events
  15. Discussion: Bean Quality vs Roasting depth for Different Extraction Methods
  16. Importing Australian Coffee to Taiwan
  17. Tips for buying spare parts (Sunbeam)
  18. Butter Queen Coffee Ice Cream
  19. Amateur coffee roasting course
  20. Confidence in front of a machine
  21. I want to open a Cafe - Am i crazy?????
  22. Why does coffee shoot out of the lid of your cup?
  23. Aldi's 'fresh roasted' Lazzio coffee beans -1kg - Not bad
  24. Kickstarting (again) fermented coffee? "Reinventing"
  25. Barista training in Mackay?
  26. Service centre between Wollongong and Sydney Airport
  27. The size of an espresso shot
  28. Coffee: Do Italians do it better?
  29. On board coffee luggage
  30. The Best Instant (yes, a serious question!)
  31. Inline resin filters
  32. Kombi mobile coffee set up
  33. San Marino Lisa - group head losing prime?
  34. Few questions about home espresso
  35. Aroma coffee festival 2015 at the Rocks
  36. A film about Coffee
  37. Good to see the wealthy supporting the needy - hollywood on not!
  38. Gold Coast or Brisbane Barista courses?
  39. Design/engineering side of coffee roasters
  40. Are there any good built-in coffee makers?
  41. (double) espresso - longer extraction times ? volumes?
  42. DIY Caveat
  43. Barista course Adelaide
  44. Commercial coffee roasting course in Sydney
  45. coffee is good for you! research article The Age Sunday 5th
  46. What Is Going On With Coffee Bags Lately???
  47. Help me choose cheap beans
  48. Coffee Book
  49. Bean tip please.
  50. Bezzera BZ35 fast dosing.
  51. Promoting Grinders
  52. New ‘Real Café™’ Nespresso Machine Comes With Beard
  53. For all us Coffee roasters to think about
  54. Problem
  55. Home Water Filtration - Will this work/be enough??
  56. la pavoni and european sites?
  57. Espresso bars in Melbourne with lever espresso machines
  58. Jug rinser installation
  59. Flojet pulsing during the shot
  60. Still Open All Hours- (ABC TV) - Coffee Shop Disaster
  61. Rockingham cups
  62. Bringing back green beans from Hawaii
  63. New Old Stock
  64. sourcing green coffee beans
  65. ??Alternatives to 2 x double shots in a 16ounce cup??
  66. "Coffee crema maker"
  67. Plumber recommendations Melbourne
  68. Good time/Bad time for drinking coffee
  69. Coffee van set up help
  70. Advice with shot problem
  71. Help! Tips for hiring a Barista...
  72. Barista Training options in Perth?
  73. Who knew - Fairfax can actually produce a decent coffee article
  74. Space coffee cup
  75. Saving coffee from extinction
  76. Is UHT milk "industry standard"?
  77. Help: getting more flavour from my coffee
  78. Analysis of Nespresso
  79. Calm down, Surrey Hills
  80. Portafilter Funnel
  81. Coffee as Philosophy?
  82. MYOB tv ad.
  83. Pale crema ..... Why?
  84. Everybody PANIC! Coffee prices to rise - Fairfax wouldn't lie!
  85. How about some coffee with your surgery....
  86. Invoice software for coffee sellers
  87. What is an espresso shot?
  88. Kickstarter again; this time sonicated coffee?
  89. Kickstarter PID
  90. where to buy sm quantity plain packaging 250g coffee bags
  91. one way valve bags
  92. New player..Decentcoffee ?
  93. Kickstarter coffee roaster
  94. Mobile Coffee Vans waste disposal
  95. Coles Supermarket
  96. Home grown coffee thread
  97. Coffee and the Ex-NRL Star
  98. ZPM m/c saga summarised.
  99. La Pavoni stockists in Melbourne
  100. measuring shots
  101. Brita C150 - drinking from the flush valve?
  102. Diagnosing naked pours
  103. A wee coffee anyone?
  104. PUSH tamper
  105. When friends drop over!
  106. Draining to jerry can - treat the water?
  107. Anyone tried the Justin Metcalf Barista Coffee Beans from Aussie Farmers Direct?
  108. Expobar Office problem
  109. Teachers told not to drink coffee in front of students
  110. A Slight Variation In Temperature, Produces More Flavours In Espresso
  111. Your favourite single origin flat white...
  112. Shopping Difficulty
  113. Best training for a newbie Barista
  114. Mocha brownies
  115. How do you do your double ristrettos?
  116. Coffee plunger - IKEA vs KMART
  117. Easter brew
  118. One-day espresso course. What do you think will be the most important lesson?
  119. Single Origin Roasts
  120. So frustrated
  121. Good Friday coffee.
  122. This video might completely change our thinking. NOT!
  123. WBC changes for 2016
  124. Indulge Coffee and Chocolate Expo
  125. Cleaning Stainless steel without altering tastes
  126. Conti 100cc 2 group machine making the generator surge on the coffee van
  127. Weighing coffee
  128. How can I make a perfect short black at home?
  129. Grind setting for drip filter coffee machine?
  130. Fiefy's cafe
  131. Water Filters - Run from standard kitchen mixer tap?
  132. More bad news for Coffee Capsules/Pods
  133. Javanica
  134. Mobile coffe van fit out Perth?
  135. Cafe cherry beans beans
  136. Coffee Machine for Coffee Cart Options
  137. Cups, sizing and so forth.
  138. Being driven crazy finding new cups!
  139. Collect and package, then post coffee machine.
  140. Need to fix my shot!
  141. I hate third wave coffee..., stop serving it to me please!!!
  142. Edible Coffee Cups
  143. South Korean Research: Coffee may ward off heart problems.
  144. Turnover on 100kg a month?
  145. How healthy is your cup of coffee?
  146. Farm to cup book or website?
  147. Single origin blend
  148. Quick Video of my process
  149. Best Coffee Flavoured Vapes
  150. Java Genes Anyone...
  151. Billi water filters
  152. Cafe coffee bitterness/acidity vs. my own
  153. Espresso machine integrated shot timer
  154. Antico Coffee?
  155. Coffee Snob + Biochemistry Nerd = Coffee volatile profile
  156. Searching for sweetness
  157. Now that's service
  158. Best suited grinder for a VBM Jnr???
  159. How to taste a good extraction
  160. Coffee DRM
  161. Breaking into The Aussie Coffee Scene
  162. anyone use dosing guage
  163. Cold Drip Coffee Liqueur
  164. Nitro Coffee - anyone tried it?
  165. Gushers after holiday
  166. Where can I find a coffee roaster in Mebourne?
  167. Temperature setting for storing roasted coffee beans
  168. What to do with all the coffee accessories
  169. The naked shot photo contest
  170. Another Plumb in question - ECM
  171. Super Sour
  172. An interesting coffee article from Colombia
  173. Where to buy beans, inner/north perth
  174. Lygon St - si parla italiano
  175. Coffee Van Generators
  176. Rio Coffee - Australian beans
  177. Cost difference between short and long black.
  178. total noob
  179. Where to get Espresso Machine serviced Central Coast NSW
  180. What to buy? Upgrading from plunger.
  181. Perth Coffee Buy - Colombia La Esperanza Gesha (Geisha)
  182. Anyone recognise the branded cup?
  183. Celebrity Review
  184. What is your favorite coffee machine and brand of coffee
  185. Has anyone visited a Balinese coffee plantation?
  186. Looking for fresh roasted beans in my area Bayswater/Croydon (VIC)
  187. Bland coffee taste diagnosis
  188. Buying Parts from Orphan Espresso
  189. Buying Brown Beans in NZ, Help!
  190. Machine Servicing Melbourne
  191. Great Service
  192. Please help with setting up my new package
  193. Is this the droid you are looking for?
  194. Buying this used Breville Barista Express (BES870)
  195. Beginner extraction problem, can only pull 4 bar
  196. A film about coffee
  197. Need help with setting up a coffee stall at markets?
  198. Best place in Melbourne to..
  199. MArlowe's coffee
  200. Does the colour of your mug influence the taste of your coffee?
  201. Learning about Coffee/Espresso in Melbourne - Groups to join?
  202. Our mobile coffee (and pizza) business - advice welcome
  203. Espresso machine hot water tap flow and temperature control?
  204. Feedback about Wega compact machines
  205. 3rd wave breaking?
  206. 89 or 94 degrees?; 8.5 bar or 12 Bar?
  207. Hourly Rate - Machine Servicing
  208. What would you choose?
  209. Proof That Men Can't Multi-task!
  210. “CAFFEINE intoxication”
  211. Coffee ‘reduces dementia risk’
  212. What's in a name?
  213. You drink it every day, but would you smear coffee grounds all over your body?
  214. One small step for man, one giant step for coffee.
  215. Frothy bubbly crema from naked portafilter
  216. Food Safety Supervisor Certificate
  217. A bit of help
  218. The World Barista Championship - 2015-2017 official equipment.
  219. New York café serves coffee in a capsicum cup
  220. Dosing measurements
  221. Amazing work flow in a busy cafe
  222. Free iPhone App - Community Rated Coffee
  223. The remote control Artist coffee machine
  224. Rosetta. Just for Fun
  225. Coke agents for Rancilio Silvia.
  226. Cold drip beans
  227. Article About Pid On Steam Boilers
  228. Interesting read regarding Starbucks in Australia
  229. WA Barista, Latte Art and Cupping competitions
  230. Is a Resin Filter Good Enough to Prevent Scale?
  231. Rancilio silva help
  232. Surly barista.
  233. Tram stop coffee
  234. Help with pulling espresso.
  235. Get ready to pay $34 for a coffee. Eventually
  236. It's An Outrage!!!!
  237. Impact of bean size on taste?
  238. My world got shaken today, and what's good, and what's also not or is?
  239. Gloria Jeans Australia taken over.
  240. Coffee Takeaway Pricing
  241. My journey thus far
  242. my Rocky and Magister
  243. Pics from GPAC in Geelong today
  244. New coffee drinker seeking advice.
  245. Ristretto: Something is wrong here...
  246. Eterna
  247. Second hand machine problems.
  248. What do You Do when a Friend asks for a Coffee Leggero?
  249. Fresh roasted coffee + grind on demand = no more milk in my coffee
  250. Coffee loves your liver.