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  1. Experimenting with Australian grown coffee
  2. Do you know this cafe ?
  3. PIDing a heat exchanger machine
  4. Leaving the puck in the group till the next shot ?
  5. The coffee Nazi.
  6. Portafilters, to tap or not.
  7. Water Filter life
  8. E61 group head, cam and shaft lubrication.
  9. Anyone read " The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee Book"?
  10. Where to find the world's best coffee
  11. The difference between commercial espresso machines and domestic espresso machines
  12. Train with Matt Perger, Craig Simon, Dave Makin and more of Oz's top barista
  13. Can't wait to get home, where my new toy awaits
  14. Single ACF cups
  15. Veneziano Latte Art Smackdown
  16. coffee cocktail
  17. Coffee Shows/Events/Expo's around Melbourne
  18. coffee beans shipping and harvesting chart
  19. Least acidic green coffee beans
  20. A basic question: What is the difference of a latte and a strong latte?
  21. Extraction time
  22. What's behind these grouphead bolts??
  23. Fake online reviews! (surely not in the coffee industry)
  24. New $10,000 coffee machine
  25. What ground coffee weight is right?
  26. Breville/Tobys FREE Home Barista Course Promo
  27. Oily coffee
  28. What a bargain! Maxwell & Williams cups (Thick Italian style)
  29. White paper takeaway coffee cups
  30. Cakes and Deserts that goes well with coffee
  31. Tips for San Francisco California?
  32. How much ground coffee for a double shot
  33. Health site gives coffee a tick
  34. General newbie questions about coffee appreciation/courses/melbournians
  35. Coffee Story on Landline ABC TV 16/9
  36. A solution to turn on your machine remotely!
  37. Coffee Machine For Mobile Use
  38. How many holes should a steam tip have if a steam tip could have holes??
  39. grinder setting for different brew
  40. DaVinci - State of Origin Barista Championship 2012
  41. Training the Barista
  42. Vietnam becomes worlds largest coffee exporter
  43. Coffee can help relieve pain?
  44. Green bean BeanBay help
  45. Ceramic Cup with Lid
  46. Coffee cup grate to protect machine?
  47. Kona Coffee , brewing tips ?
  48. The question of shot volumes
  49. Recipe for a caramel blended creme frappuccino?
  50. Have I invented something......??
  51. Help with uneven shot extraction
  52. Shipping boxes for double-boxing espresso machines
  53. Effect (if any) of portafilter and lugs on normal dosing level?
  54. Stones in your coffee?
  55. Coffee Grounds at bottom of the cup?
  56. Coffee Snobs Green Bean Cotton Bags......with Zip
  57. Milk drawn into boiler
  58. Aeropress vs. Nesspresso
  59. Cafes in Cambodia
  60. Need help with coffeetime wiki site
  61. Please help! Noob espresso enquiry
  62. Good Afternoon All
  63. An old "newby" in need of advice
  64. Green bean storage question
  65. It's happened again!!
  66. In tank Resin Filter
  67. Cafetto Misleading Article
  68. Espresso HELP!
  69. Whacky Espresso Machine Design
  70. Coffee machine retailers in western sydney?
  71. Mobile Coffee Cart Help Required Pls
  72. Flavoured Instant Coffee
  73. 12 million shots
  74. Beans and brewing tempereature
  75. Needing to move my Mazzer Interstate, needing a Super Jolly box
  76. Warning..coffee scam.
  77. Coffee Video thread
  78. Where to buy organic and fairtrade?
  79. Steaming for macchiato/piccolo
  80. I am confused... need help on brewing.
  81. New to buying a coffee machine/grinder
  82. Di Bartoli
  83. Freshness
  84. How to identify processing method for Beanbay Greens?
  85. Finally... New toy
  86. Google searches
  87. The Matt Perger v60 brewing method
  88. Help me improve my diagnosis skills
  89. To tap, or not to tap, that is the question.
  90. Unique Breville BES900 Dual Boiler @Aroma Festival the Rocks this Sunday
  91. Correct grind for filter
  92. Best Timing for ordering roasted coffee from Bean Bay
  93. Roast/Grind/Dose Variables
  94. New Members and Responding to the Same Questions
  95. Cinocleano problem
  96. Digital Scales for weighing dose
  97. THE Coffee Snob
  98. The Indiana Jones of Coffee
  99. Clever coffee ad.
  100. Coffee is good for you - is that a surprise?
  101. About Coffee Beans and an automatic machine
  102. Question about temperature
  103. Packing and shipping a coffee machine
  104. Channeling...
  105. Fiat - now have the ultimate optional extra
  106. Coffe Stains on your teeth
  107. Bench Cleanliness
  108. Electricity consumption - Izzo alex Duetto running 100% of the time.
  109. Opening small coffee shop, which machine ?
  110. Help - where can I buy online ?
  111. Have you had a bag of beans turn bitter all of a sudden?
  112. Decaf Beans
  113. Beans look "wet". Results not pleasing.
  114. How many grams for double shot are most people using?
  115. Coffee cups
  116. Different pours from double and single spouts.
  117. Brazil Cup of Excellence Lot # 5 Norival Favaro -- Sao Marcos
  118. oops
  119. Shot life
  120. Dreamfarm Grindenstein knock box on sale $21.95 delivered
  121. Where to get Coffee Seeds
  122. Cracks appearing in crema
  123. looking for coffee beans,,,,thank you
  124. Shot timer
  125. Giotto Rocket Problem
  126. Coffee making mishaps
  127. Coffee Snobs of a different cut?
  128. Wine barrel aged coffee...
  129. Tap water in Northcote Vic
  130. Opinions....... Best coffee training (domestic use only) in melbourne
  131. Where to go on the Gold Coast?
  132. Do PLA lids taste odd?
  133. Industry Regulation???
  134. I am in the process of buying a roasting business / training
  135. Sunbeam Coffee School
  136. Looking for a new coffee brand...
  137. Wanting to purchase freash Roasted beans looking for recomendations
  138. What am I doing wrong?! Sludgy puck, sour coffee
  139. Shot starts as black...lightens to brown
  140. Coffee overseas
  141. Coffee grounds o.k for compost?
  142. Interesting article about Indias Chikmaglur district
  143. Bean recommendation - Barneys New York FREE SHIPPING until 23June2012
  144. WBC
  145. Chocolated Coated Beans in Brisbane
  146. Bean Recomendations (Noob)
  147. Whats Your Ideal Brew Setup look like?
  148. Decaf for evening coffee?
  149. Is this ebay deal a scam
  150. Bracegirdles Maclaren Vale Sa
  151. Espersso WOW in green beans
  152. Naked Extraction - Improvement tips?
  153. Ethiopia Ghimbi ?
  154. Coffee Beans - how old is old?
  155. Pure Water water filters
  156. Espresso machine repair in Brisbane?
  157. Commercial Coffee Setup Discussion and Help
  158. Rolling bench
  159. Bad taste from my Siliva
  160. Becoming a Grey Nomad
  161. is my Wega possessed ?
  162. $62.50/250gm columbian santuario
  163. Hardly Normal to sell cafe-style coffee machines.
  164. Nemox Fenice Spitting
  165. Coffee shrinks breasts: study
  166. Grimac La Uno
  167. Should a vibration pump pressure be set higher than a rotary pump?
  168. Double, tripple, or 8 shot filter basket !!
  169. How to make a luscious ristretto?
  170. [m by=664D5A4D5C444540492C0 destboard=BrewMid dest=1338237065]: EM6910 problem...
  171. Best beans for cappuccino
  172. Coffee Makes you live longer
  173. Cappuccino jellies
  174. coffee specialty shops in sydney.
  175. Barista wage 2012
  176. What hardware to look for? - New to the scene
  177. I love Illy but want to buy local
  178. Site Sponsor Discounts
  179. Flat white in NYC.
  180. How should I order a mocha?
  181. Oh, Iím going to drink more coffee because I donít want to die.
  182. Trying to get Ducale Coffee (Monsoon)
  183. A picture for you all
  184. Monsoon Malabsorbtion
  185. How long does your coffee last?
  186. BCG800 dosing...
  187. Cups....
  188. A Travelers tale / warning ..
  189. New to home brewing and struggling???
  190. Rwanda Kinunu Estate
  191. Breville BES820 & Breville BGC450 Grinder Concerns
  192. help with cleaning coffee machine
  193. VST Basket Sizing
  194. How many mls per size
  195. Help wanted - Canberra
  196. Postage options for Machines
  197. Where to buy braided hose?
  198. On Bench Water Filter
  199. Bodum Pavina faulty valve?
  200. Adding salt to coffee.
  201. Starbucks removes cochineal from their products
  202. Americanos Taste Not As Strong As Coffee
  203. When does this shot go blond?
  204. BeanScene mag ruined!
  205. Triple shot basket
  206. Spotted by one of my US spies!!
  207. Consumption Statistics
  208. A scary coffee story
  209. interesting article from NZ re ordering coffee
  210. Need advice on Saeco Via Venezia Usage
  211. What type of Sugar do you use?
  212. Very early coffee in Hobart
  213. the BEST semi auto coffee machine in the world
  214. What keeps me awake
  215. Naked Portafilter use
  216. The Good Old Sugar in Coffee Debate
  217. coffee training courses to be qualified as a barista?
  218. Choosing the right coffee for the job
  219. SBS Dateline Fair Trade story
  220. Grindz grinder cleaner...issue?
  221. What beans suit a Percolator?
  222. The best pod machine.
  223. Acid & Spice...What is the Difference?
  224. Barista Towel Hook
  225. Cleaning tablets?
  226. Recommendations for dark rich complex blend
  227. Hawaian Peaberry
  228. Coffee cart or van needed stat. St Kilda town hall Sat 31 Sun 1st
  229. Help with templates
  230. Gushing On Second Stage Of Shot
  231. Rancilio Silvia Naked Portafilter
  232. bean origin
  233. Do assist me in my quest to become accredited.
  234. Grind differnce between single shot and double shot?
  235. No more babychinos.
  236. Coffee has very strong Metallic Taste - Is it my Grinder?
  237. Air flow problems
  238. Bad shots...grinder?
  239. Dosing issue for Astoria Plus 4 you
  240. Grind, Beans, or operater error?
  241. Where can I buy good roasted Columbian coffee beans?
  242. Grinding Dilemma
  243. Custom Paint Job on an Espresso Machine.
  244. Tasmanian Cofffee Roasters
  245. What is higher on your priority list, service or the coffee?
  246. Coffee Bean characteristics from region to country origin
  247. Illy beans
  248. Stainless steel repair/ polish
  249. Hawaiian Kona Peaberry Greens
  250. How to make a "great" long black?