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  1. Are rats, mice, etc attracted to chaff?
  2. Roast Levels - Correlation Between American Terms and CS Terms
  3. Corretto requires finer grind
  4. Beans and Tempreture
  5. How to monitor tempreture in a Behmor - Probe Placement
  6. Weekend Project: Hack Two Colanders Into A Coffee Roaster Drum
  7. Never met a Robusta that I like.
  8. Decaf Wow Roasting Tips in a Behmor
  9. Newbie needs advice
  10. Roasting gear effecting taste - tested?
  11. How to homeroast without any special gear?
  12. CS number equivalents
  13. Behmor Help - flavour/smell not developing?
  14. Corretto Paddle Extender
  15. New gene cafe user. Some help please?
  16. The oily rest…?
  17. Aluminium DIY roaster idea - a couple of questions
  18. Low and slow
  19. removing chaff from the bean crevice?
  20. First time roaster, and it's nerve racking
  21. Coffee bags vs Friis
  22. First bean bay delivery-noobie alert!
  23. What does a good roast profile look like?
  24. Pre ground Coffee for Friends
  25. Corretto advice
  26. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Special Prep
  27. First roast - what an experience
  28. Has anyone been to the Coffee Roasting Basic + Sensory Development training by Wolff?
  29. roasting too quickly?
  30. getting green beans in Singapore
  31. Roasting Indian MM on Gene Tips?
  32. Corretto Batch Size - Heat Input Adjustments?
  33. First Timer - Coretto Roast w/ Temp Control
  34. New sample roaster advise
  35. should coffee grinds sink or float??
  36. same blend, different roast profile.
  37. Sulawesi Tana Toraja
  38. Artisan software.... Is it all its "cracked" up to be.
  39. UPDATED 12/11/2013 - Popper Roasting - Tips, Tricks & Mods
  40. Roasting Indian Elephant Hills Peaberry in popper
  41. Acidic beans
  42. Roasting process explained.
  43. Weight after roasting
  44. My upside down bean cooler
  45. Brazil Yellow Bourbon roasting tips?
  46. SHB roasting??
  47. Digital Membership Card
  48. Decaf Wow in the Behmor
  49. Stirring beans...
  50. My home made roaster
  51. S.O / Blend Roast Sampling Techniques?
  52. roasting guide spreadsheet(fahrenheit)
  53. Ryobi Heatgun thermal cut-out
  54. Cheap Turbo Oven, just need to add the KK and your in thr coffee roasting game
  55. Behmor 1600 1/2 or 1lb best?
  56. Gene Cafe roasting
  57. Making the most of your popper
  58. If you roast your own Torrefacto, I'd love to hear from you and buy some... SA Buyer
  59. Behmor 1600 DC Fan not working?
  60. Brazil - internal scorching and ashiness
  61. roasting smoke and smell
  62. Corretto Sample Roaster
  63. 1st real roaster! 1st roast :)
  64. Roasting terminology
  65. Behmor temperature data logging - Which probe type?
  66. Comparing behmor-roasted beans to commercially roasted beans
  67. Stones 'n stuff I've found in coffee...
  68. Complete noob guide to roasting?
  69. IR Thermometer for roasting - emissivity of coffee beans?
  70. Harrar Roast Profile
  71. Roasting robusta in a blend
  72. Rays Selection - Roasting Help
  73. Corretto Roaster - mods to paddle
  74. Cost effectiveness of roasting
  75. Do I have a roast or grind problem?
  76. Roasting green beans at home - my first and second time.
  77. Newbie Home Roaster - Lessons Learnt
  78. Gauging roast depth - CS membership cards??
  79. Popper internals safe to handle after removal of plastic?
  80. First Time Roaster with CS Starter Pack
  81. Not new, however still learning
  82. Green bean storage.
  83. Re-roasting
  84. First ever roasting attempt
  85. First Roast and an accidental blend (rough transport)
  86. Licorice (Myer only) Popcorn Popper - Issues?
  87. USB Hottop - no longer a dream!!
  88. First Hottop Roast
  89. Corretto roasting weight and time profiles
  90. soup can and drill roaster
  91. Behmor Profiles
  92. Behmor and extension cord
  93. Finally
  94. How practical is it to roast in the stock Hottop with no temp probe?
  95. Cuban Turquino
  96. advice needed on hottop roaster
  97. Hellova time Hulling!
  98. First time roast on a KK roaster
  99. I just bought my first batch of green beans
  100. [Advice Sought] Brewing for Filter coffees
  101. Upgraded BBQ Roaster
  102. Home roasting advice please !!
  103. Bits of chaff still in coffee grounds
  104. Coffee beans only tan in colour after roasting
  105. CS roast idententification numbers ??
  106. Roast monitor software - different data logger
  107. The difference between 10 minute old coffee and 3 day old coffee
  108. New Cooling Tray for the man with a larger roast.
  109. The Summer Conundrum… advice sought!
  110. Critique needed
  111. Indian MM Gold Roasting Struggle
  112. My early attempts using a popcorn machine
  113. Super frothy crema
  114. Roast Times - Advice Please
  115. First experience with roasting
  116. Roasting for Syphon
  117. Roasting and special codes and what is a hard or soft bean?
  118. Hawaii Kona Kaipo? Tips and advice for a Behmor.
  119. Flavouring.
  120. green beans - when to roast
  121. Silly question on drilling holes in a popper
  122. new home roaster
  123. A few questions for building a new roasting machine
  124. Completely Unscientific roasting experiment with interesting results
  125. Advise on roasting Yemen beans please.
  126. Aldi 2000W Hot Air Gun $19.99 Sept 15
  127. To Any BBQ roasters out there!
  128. So I want to give this roasting caper a go.
  129. Breadmaker Mods - Corretto
  130. Inlet Temperature Profiling…
  131. Where to buy a bottomless portafilter?
  132. Open or Closed Corretto?
  133. Tipping/burning/burnt flavor no matter what
  134. Progressive Variable Temperature Roasting ??
  135. Modified popper roast profiles
  136. Loving coretto roasting
  137. Are There Any Beans That Generally Need Less Of A Rest Time Before Drinking?
  138. Small Home-roasting enterprise. Some questions.
  139. bland ethiopian
  140. Roasting the Yemen
  141. BBQ Stoker to monitor coffee roast
  142. First Time Roasting Using a Weber BBQ, Need some guidance please
  143. Yemen Bani Ismail in a popper?
  144. Beans have blown out holes
  145. Quest M3 - My First Roast
  146. RIP - Roasting in Parchment
  147. No one sells popcorn makers anymore?
  148. Best beans for popcorn roasting
  149. Anyone had experience with Monsoon Malabar in an FZ-RR-700?
  150. KKTO, whats your technique?
  151. How long do freshly roasted beans need to rest?
  152. Looking for a place to practice roasting coffee in Sydney
  153. Attempting first roast - pan style
  154. Seeking better results for the poor Yemen
  155. Lessons for roasting from dry caramel
  156. 1st time roaster using Cornelius popper
  157. Advice on roasting Jamaican Blue in Behmor
  158. Aldi Healthy Fryer - Possible roaster?
  159. Would appreciate some advice on adjustments
  160. First roast
  161. First roast
  162. How to know if youve baked the beans?
  163. Newbie- Loved Peru CDSE, should I try anything else?
  164. Burn roast without getting to 2C?
  165. First + Second try roasting. 1C and 2C very late.
  166. Coffee: difference in taste from day 1 - 7
  167. Its all happening too early
  168. Gas burners for stovetop roasting
  169. Midnight Coffee Roasting! :)
  170. My first roast with Target popper
  171. My first roast
  172. New to roasting, and to my Behmor - recommendations?
  173. temperature monitor - design project.
  174. Best green bean for first roast
  175. Diagnosing roast help
  176. Simons Roaster
  177. Getting the best out of Old Greens
  178. Review my Roast!
  179. Finally, a comparison...
  180. Roasting to c8 and still reaching second crack
  181. First roast
  182. popper in cold weather....
  183. Green bean - shelf life
  184. my first crack
  185. Plastic in coretto pan
  186. The Ghetto Coretto Bean Cooler
  187. Corretto Questions
  188. Outdoor roasting station
  189. Roasting profile espresso vs milk based drinks
  190. Tips for roasting the Aceh Bitang coffee in Corretto setup?
  191. Desperate .... Cast iron roaster on gas ring
  192. Any tips, pointers or suggestions for a newbie
  193. Pan Roasting - Ye Olde Fashioned Methode. Ultra low tech.
  194. Behmor modded
  195. Using a popcorn maker to roast beans
  196. Re-roast
  197. Good beans for a popper?
  198. Roast Monitor problem
  199. Behmor Roasted PNG Waghi AA CS8
  200. Hottop
  201. Tips for roasting Yemen Mocha Sanaani?
  202. Hi, my name is Andrew and Im addicted to roasting
  203. Re: Ok, so Ive been sucked in...
  204. Starting out on Behmor
  205. Roast failure, but why??
  206. Behmor P5?
  207. looking for roasting tips for Jamaica Blue Mountain
  208. A plea to all popper roasters – consider an upgrade to something better!
  209. Android bluetooth controlled roaster?
  210. Gave it a go but I think Ill buy roasted
  211. Naked Cornelius wont reach roasting temperature.
  212. Installing the thermocouple into the Behmor
  213. KKTO roasting times
  214. My Behmor Roasting
  215. What went wrong?!?!
  216. First time Roaster
  217. Robusta or Arabica?
  218. Corretto air flow question ?
  219. Corretto to Behmor to... Hottop?
  220. The Princess Fat Free Fryer..... is it a 49 Euro Behmor killer???
  221. An interesting pre-roast blend observation…
  222. K.I.S.S. WOK Roasting
  223. First time roasting - Brazil Pulped natural
  224. Help pls
  225. First DMM Corretto roast - temp and probe questions
  226. Minties Moment No.73 - the home roaster
  227. Behmor Roast average power consumption
  228. Roasters
  229. Cotton Coffee Strainers / Coffee Socks
  230. Heat & Food safe supper glue
  231. Popper Roasting - for Filter (Hario/Chemex)
  232. First ever home roast with Behmor - uneven looks
  233. poppers
  234. Timor-Leste greens
  235. First time roaster
  236. Home roasting result: Coffee smell is missing
  237. USB Temperature Data Logger - Changing the fuse
  238. Behmor Temperature profile
  239. Tempterature Problems
  240. Roasting blends?
  241. Roaster conundrum!
  242. First Behmor Roast
  243. Behmor 1600 1st roast or should I say TOAST
  244. Roasting advice for these "yellow" beans
  245. The Elusive Second Crack
  246. My first roast
  247. Corretto for Dummies
  248. Behmor 1600
  249. First 3 Roasts
  250. Roasting in a Corretto..