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  1. Columbia Pensilvania Supremo chaff remained after roasting
  2. Newbie popper roasting failure :(
  3. Green bean grading-newbie
  4. Help developing my first planned blend~ a photo journey.
  5. how to get better aroma from behmor?
  6. Feedback please: 1st corretto roast attempt
  7. The first batch! When can I drink it?
  8. Roasting habits
  9. TO Special..
  10. GO Brown or GO Green
  11. My new No.1 Coretto (Mk3)
  12. An option or not...
  13. Offline Chaff Cleaner
  14. Beans from cold or Preheat
  15. Watch Coffee Beans Roast - Test
  16. Accidential HottopB roast-best yet
  17. Help!! Cant get up to the 1st crack!!
  18. Fantastic Coffee Bag Sealers
  19. Decaf WOW! /w Crazy Popper results
  20. A warning for anyone who roasts in the oven
  21. Impulse Sealer or equivalent
  22. Reborn KKTO and Corretto Unloader and Bean Cooler
  23. DIY Bean Cooler - Step By Step
  24. I love my new Corretto - photos from my first roast..
  25. New to roasting - Opinions please
  26. Hawaii Kona
  27. thermocouple type?
  28. Beans Beans Beans French Press, Filter or Espresso
  29. Not getting or not hearing 1st crack
  30. Home Roasting Question - Newbie
  31. Making Microwaveable Heat Packs with Coffee Beans
  32. Popcorn popper with adjustable temperature
  33. Roast profiles - starting point
  34. What criteria to monitor in roasting?
  35. i-Roast 2 - maybe a problem?
  36. Resting period post roasting
  37. Hottop Filter Replacement Alternative
  38. How Do I Improve The Consistency Of Popper Roasts?
  39. Abdominal discomfort after coffee
  40. Which popper?
  41. Behmor coffee roaster
  42. Old green beans
  43. Ugandan Masaba AA
  44. home roasting workshop - perth?
  45. Tip for Genecafe users
  46. Roasting stinks
  47. Roasting vs ST - Results after 2 rounds
  48. Getting chocolate flavours in my roast, tell me how to get more ????
  49. Help! I am completely new and dont know where to start
  50. Nicaragua del Cielo Cup of Excellence
  51. Haiti Grand Cru
  52. Hottop trouble shooting
  53. Fire in the hole
  54. Hottop B or Hottop p
  55. Guide to Corretto?
  56. TO Mk II + Cooler
  57. Thermocouple probe not working?
  58. (Update with pics) Illy aluminium tins. Small hole at the bottom.
  59. Modifying a sunbeam 4810 bread machine
  60. First TO Roast
  61. Roasting - A Guide
  62. Roasting Defects Pictorial for Roasters
  63. Oils on bean pre roast?
  64. Sucking chaff with vacuum
  65. Tips for a first time roaster with the starter pack
  66. Is it really second crack ?
  67. USB Data Temperature Logger !
  68. rare beans ready to be roasted
  69. Ethiopian Harrar Longberry - Gene Cafe
  70. Best Way to Use Corretto?
  71. Drop temp, heat ramp etc ??
  72. 2 minute roast !
  73. Crazy popper first roast too!
  74. Crazy Popper Starter! first roast!
  75. Coffee Bean Cooling: 1.2kg at a time! how do I do it?
  76. Rate of Bean Temp. Rise/Min. Meter (Roast Speedometer)
  77. Getting started with a popper
  78. Converting your raw csv files into pretty graphs!
  79. Change in corretto technique
  80. Rest times
  81. 2nd attempt roasting
  82. Kind of Corretto roasting
  83. Corretto goes nuts
  84. Brazilian daeterra (sp?) and popper roasting
  85. How do you roast for filter?
  86. Dark Roast and Crema
  87. Roasting for super-autos
  88. Stung by upgradeitis
  89. Decaf wow
  90. My very first attempt.... EXCITING!!
  91. When do we decide the start of first and second crack
  92. Re-Roasting
  93. decaf roasting profile
  94. Keep yer eye on the ball (beans)
  95. Roasting on a gas BBQ?
  96. Christmas Green Beans!!!
  97. Robustas roasting profile
  98. Overloaded coretto
  99. Help!! My beans are exploding.... :(
  100. Require advice-used 10kg roaster or new 1kg
  101. corretto times and heat
  102. Beans that go snap in the night
  103. 2nd coretto Roast
  104. Help Please - Finalising Roaster Selection
  105. First roast using data logger.
  106. Bugger.
  107. 1st coretto roast
  108. Second Corretto roast.
  109. Roasting the whole coffee fruit
  110. Getting excited
  111. Advice of getting into home roasting
  112. Roasting... affects strength?
  113. Heat gun roasting temps?
  114. general roasting bean temp question
  115. Things that go BOOOOOM!
  116. New roaster,need help on lpg gas connection
  117. Temperature differences twixt roasters
  118. My First Gene Roast
  119. CS Bean Club November 09 - Colombia Volcan Galeras Supremo + Guatemala Huehetenango
  120. basic step by step for home roast??
  121. DIY roast controller
  122. Cuisinart EasyPop
  123. Another first home roast
  124. Newbie trying home roasting
  125. BBQ drum roaster - suggested batch size?
  126. Why so bitter baby????????
  127. Roasting times for small batches ?
  128. Has anyone (in Adelaide) done a training course on home roasting?
  129. roast beans for filter/plunger/espresso
  130. Drying home grown beans
  131. Hottop Roasting
  132. Suggestions from my stash for 1st Hottop roast?
  133. Virgin Roast
  134. How to develop a roasting profile based on taste?
  135. De-gas differences
  136. Resting beans after roasting...
  137. CS Bean Club October 09: Costa Rica Cafetalera Herbazu +Ethiopia Kuza
  138. Uneven bean colour
  139. Is my coffee roasted or baked?
  140. My new No.1 Coretto (Mk2)
  141. Thrifty Easy Bean Cooler and Corretto Unloader.
  142. Green Bean Blend (not advised)
  143. Building my own roaster
  144. Gene Cafe and PNG Wahgi
  145. 1st ever home roast - whoops!
  146. Crazy Popper first roast...
  147. CS Bean Club - September 09: Nicaragua Dipilto Estate
  148. Iroast 2 and bean profiles
  149. iRoast2 - Roasting Indoors!
  150. Kopi Luwak - First attempt
  151. Todays Corretto Roast - Where did I go wrong?
  152. False First Crack?
  153. the very handy "behmor thing" roast notes and inventory software
  154. Another popper convert
  155. Ramp to first crack
  156. First attempt with pan and heat gun
  157. CS USB Multimeter temp calibration and fuse replacement Victor 86b
  158. Black & Decker first roast
  159. 1st heat gun, bowl & spoon home roast
  160. Vitali Imex - Where to Buy?
  161. What does AA stand for?
  162. My first Corretto roast - Im hooked!
  163. First home roast bean choice?
  164. Monsooned Malabar in Gene Cafe
  165. First Corretto Roast
  166. First ever popper roast
  167. My First Roast
  168. Poppers What are the facts? Are there any facts?
  169. Installing a switch to my corretto?
  170. photos of my sunday roast...
  171. Roasting for different brews?
  172. Avoiding home roaster syndrome (and starting to roast)
  173. My Roast from the Popper
  174. iRoast 2 - Tips for roasting indoors?
  175. Anyone using a 110V Hottop with a transformer for 240V?
  176. melted temperature probe
  177. Sumatran Mandheling Mystic - v. quiet FC?
  178. newbie: bean combo suggestions?
  179. Getting Bits for a Corretto
  180. Large Home Roaster...
  181. Slowing down popper roast
  182. Sulawesi Tana Torajah Kalosi bean advice
  183. Some El Salvador Finca
  184. first roast success!
  185. 1st Popper roast, unsure of the results
  186. Speeding up the time between Roast to Ready??
  187. Roasting indoors and Fluoro lighting
  188. Interesting Tapachula El Tacana
  189. Roasting cocoa beans
  190. Tanzanian Peaberry
  191. CS Bean Club August 09 - Ethiopia Harar Star
  192. Brazilian Santos Moiana, corretto roasting tips please
  193. Possible Coffee Bag Sealers
  194. Best results with Decaf WOW...
  195. storing green beans
  196. how to roast flavour coffee?
  197. matte vs gloss end results
  198. First Corretto roast almost a disaster...
  199. Newbie roasting decaf
  200. Corretto roast questions
  201. Our first roast...
  202. Mexico RFA
  203. How do YOU Corretto?
  204. Wife prefers store bought beans
  205. Long time home roaster, but wrong methods, and learning
  206. New to roasting with a Gene Cafe
  207. Building Corretto: Anyone used a Sunbeam Bakehouse
  208. Roasting not just browning
  209. Roasting Monsoon Malabar
  210. Sumatran Mandheling tastes foul
  211. First popper roast a success thanks to the info on this forum.
  212. USB Thermocouple. NO Data logger.
  213. I think I may have tipping issues with corretto roasts?
  214. Dryer... roaster
  215. popper modifictaions, your thoughts on my mods
  216. Roasting Ethiopian Yirgachaffe and a potted history
  217. Upgrade from popper to Gene
  218. Wok Roasting on a BBQ
  219. CoffeeSnobs Bean Club - Aceh Gaja Mt#1
  220. From roasting infancy to childhood
  221. Upper and lower heating temperatures
  222. Heat Soak at Start of roast
  223. First popper roast - Tanzanian
  224. The first roast...what to do
  225. Cooling Beans
  226. Kenya Gitwe A
  227. Peru Ceja de Selva Estate
  228. flavoured beans
  229. Bean Cooler
  230. Best way to Roast Yirgacheffe...
  231. Brazil Bourbons
  232. Corretto - corrected/correct roast??
  233. Heat Gun limits size of Corretto roast
  234. Before roasting with a Popper: Some questions...
  235. First Roast - Not So Good
  236. italian/espresso roast
  237. 1st Corretto roast
  238. Ok I am now hooked too!
  239. BBQ Heat Diffusion, rocks/ceramic/iron?
  240. Roasting Cocoa Beans
  241. Reason for burnt tasting roast
  242. Jamaica Blue Mountain on the hottop
  243. Bean Inventory & Roast profile software
  244. Panasonic SD-206 for Corretto??
  245. Blend prior roast or after roast that is the question?
  246. Not so good
  247. Temperature Probe for Corretto
  248. Roasting BB JBM
  249. First Roast and Post
  250. What do you look for when buying a popcorn maker for roasting?