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  1. Silvia with a Precision basket - a new woman!
  2. Advice on change in coffee flavour
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  4. Fracino Piccino
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  8. another "buying advice" thread - PV lusso or olympia cremina
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  10. First Coffee Machine
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  12. My New Bezzera BZ35MG and BB95 Grinder
  13. New guy with a problematic EM6910
  14. PID project thermocouple sourcing
  15. Going Fully Automatic for the Office....Any Suggestions?
  16. Which espresso machine for my DIY Pharos inspired grinder?
  17. Silvia grouphead hardware
  18. BES900 no pressure just out of warranty
  19. Gaggia Classic - No Water through Group head
  20. Machine or grinder
  21. [HELP] Trying to identify a EXOBAR machine...
  22. Help needed!
  23. Primadonna S Deluxe ESAM 6600
  24. Iron thermocouple washer question
  25. Rancilio S24 wanted - must be in good working order and somewhere near Melbourne
  26. Flat shower screen nut for Silvia
  27. Old Oscar
  28. New Toy
  29. Vibiemme Piccolo Vs Electro Microcasa semi
  30. Pressure gauge
  31. Newbie CSer
  32. Am I missing something? Start up time in the morning...
  33. Triple Basket
  34. Sylvia and inline resin water filter
  35. Anyone own an Elektra S1 Micro?
  36. Machine Recommendations For A Newbie?
  37. Silvia questions
  38. First thread - seeking advice - EM6910/7000 or Breville Barista Express
  39. Keeping Miss Silvia shiny
  40. EM6910 Cleaning disk
  41. How can I fit LM single basket in Em6910 handle?
  42. Rancilio silvia V3 PID Kit local?
  43. EM6910 - low water warning light on all the time
  44. She no heat captain.....any help welcome
  45. Breville BES900XL was making ristretto, now restricted flow!
  46. EM6910 just pumping cold water
  47. Make your own espresso machine
  48. Quiet equipment
  49. Rancilio Silvia V3 & Rocky Doser best place to buy new
  50. Leaky OPV on ECM Botticelli
  51. My beloved EM5900 is finally dying
  52. EM6910 milk steaming problem.
  53. Lelit dripping water outside steam wand etc
  54. Breville Dual Boiler issue. Unable to reach 9 Bar pressure. Underextact.
  55. First coffee machine recommendations
  56. Sunbeam EM6910 purging air from pump procedure?
  57. Sunbeam EM6910 Screaming / Too Much Air In Milk
  58. Coffee machine steamer squeaking
  59. Nuova Simonelli Oscar & Grinta
  60. Lelit PL042EMI in for repair after only 4 months
  61. After 3 years, what do I think about my Silvia?
  62. Low pressure after pump replacement on vfa.
  63. Brew Pressure Gauge for my Nuova Simonelli Oscar
  64. Grimac Mia Ele Parts and User manual
  65. ECM Giotto Premium problem.
  66. Get BES900 to display extraction time in LED display
  67. Bought a Diadema Perfetta
  68. EM6910 issue - low steam pressure
  69. Should I buy a La Pavoni or not?
  70. Advice for a coffee Newb - Lelit vs Wega
  71. Water supply for external pump
  72. Quick help - Opinions on machine
  73. Breville BES900 Err 1
  74. Tips on Sylvia maintenance.
  75. Noisy Silvia Issues
  76. Descale BES 900
  77. Commercial machines for home use, advice please!
  78. Gaggia Classic delivery spout not aligning properly
  79. Recommendations please for a new automatic machine
  80. EM6910 question
  81. Rancilio Silvia V3 - A journey to PID and beyond!
  82. Breville's New BES920 Dual Boiler Debut at Aroma this Sunday
  83. Gaggia Baby Dose - PID Installation
  84. Question for the Silvia fanatics.
  85. 51mm non-pressurised double basket for cheaper Brevilles, without the single?
  86. Ascaso coffee machine
  87. Breville Bes860 extraction issue
  88. Newbie looking for some suggestions :)
  89. New to CS With a breville 860
  90. Price Check in isle 6910!
  91. Gaggia Classic lights not working
  92. My beloved Silvia is having issues . . .
  93. One idiot proof machine to do it all?
  94. Need help with Wega Mini Nova(2002) Electric connections
  95. new member, intro, and of course, a request for help
  96. Gaggia Classic - Descaling question
  97. Pre-Mil vs Millennium La Pavoni
  98. Silvia Uneven water from the grouphead
  99. 6910 very wet, weak steam
  100. Oscar modifications and rebuild.
  101. UNIC DIVA Crema - Assistance Required (UNIC Diva Pro?)
  102. Preparation for using 6910 after hiatus
  103. Can pull decent espresso shots on Em7000
  104. Silvia repair in Perth
  105. Rancilio Silva/Lucy Brisbane Need help with adjust OPV and install PID Controller
  106. Ponte Vecchio Export owners
  107. Good wall mount espresso machine (w/ grinder)
  108. La Pavoni Espresso Automatica Instructions
  109. I'm a happy boy with his Silvia
  110. Sylvia - No water from group.
  111. Silvia - water flowing back to tank problem
  112. upgradeitis
  113. BES900 vs EM7000
  114. Burnt taste on silvia
  115. what are my options. need an espresso machine, just espresso
  116. Newbie - confused and needs options
  117. Miss Silvia's New Clothes
  118. Sunbeam 6910 group head
  119. What Machine?
  120. what is best way to make multiple sorts of coffe in one machine?
  121. EM6910 - Draining pumps/pipes
  122. Second hand EM6910 warranty question
  123. What could be wrong with my silvia?
  124. Izzo e61 Portafilter sliding out when not held in place
  125. Breville Barista Express or Lelit Combi with PID (PL042TEMD
  126. EM6910 pump pressure
  127. Very good deal on a Silvia
  128. Argh!! Constant under extraction.....
  129. Help - First Coffee Machine Choosing
  130. Silvia OPV adjustment
  131. Silvia steam wand issue
  132. La Pavoni Europiccola - Boiler Colour Change
  133. Krups NOVO 3000 baskets blown out and need replacing others that fit?
  134. EM6910 Leaking from Copper pipe connected to steam pump
  135. New Silvia owner - Any tips or advice?
  136. La Pavoni anyone?
  137. Hi all, I am a newb needing suggestions and new machine, under $650?
  138. Sunbeam EM6910 Circuit Board Pinouts.
  139. Sunbeam EM6910 hot, even when not on.
  140. EM6910 not pumping delicious coffee :(
  141. Looking for parts for a Miss audrey
  142. EM6910 - Collar and Group Head Seal symptoms
  143. EM6910 help SOS
  144. Help with Leva Machine: Elektra S1CO Micro Casa a Leva Chrome & Brass
  145. Sunbeam 6900. Repair or Upgrade?
  146. EM6910 new Collar, but group handle is now not staying put!
  147. Coffee and tea machine for small hair salon
  148. Lelit group head leak?
  149. Supplier for Breville BES900
  150. Advice required for Machine Purchase
  151. Breville BES900 110V to 220V conversion?
  152. Sunbeam EM7000 -WOW
  153. Sunbeam EM7000 feedback
  154. Leaky Silvia - Melbourne Repair?
  155. NS Oscar Startup Question
  156. Silvia V1 upgrades - which are worth the $?
  157. Quality espresso on a budget, help me choose
  158. Gaggia Classic - electrical issue
  159. That upgrade decision - done!
  160. Rancilio Silvia V2 trip GFIC
  161. Rancilio Silvia or bezzera bz99??
  162. NC Oscar for beginner?
  163. Recomend coffee machine retail outlet Brisbane
  164. Rancilio Sylvia and Rocky, or Compak K3?
  165. Lelit: To PID or not to PID, that is the question!
  166. Delonghi EAM3500 wiring diagram
  167. em6910 flow rate
  168. Silvia grind pickiness
  169. Silvia...what's first? milk or coffee?
  170. Savinelli Roma Deluxe
  171. Smaller silvia steam tip hole?
  172. Silvia V3 PID..ing Melbourne
  173. Silvia - Fast Brew Cycle
  174. Crema II 4820 Steam Tip for Sunbeam 6910 working well
  175. Rancilio Sylvia vs Lelit PL41TEMD
  176. Gaggia Classic no water coming through grouphead and high noise - *video*
  177. Klub T1
  178. Advice needed for purchasing sub-$1000 machine
  179. Jura ENA Micro 1 opinions
  180. Heavily modded Silvia - brew issues
  181. My New Machine
  182. Silvia wet puck
  183. Sliva steam arm leaking steam
  184. EM6910 - latte' art contender?
  185. Silvia - Problems after brew head clean!
  186. Grimac 2 Group machine
  187. Another Silvia PID install
  188. Non-functional Sunbeam EM 6910
  189. Auber pre-infusion doesn't hold pressure, doesn't make sense
  190. Gaggia Classic
  191. em6910 a different water leak
  192. Gaggia classic modified steam wand (Rancilio Silvia V1-2 ) 4 holes tip wanted
  193. Gaggia Classic steam losing power
  194. Sunbeam EM6910 Steam block leak
  195. NS Oscar Boiler Repair
  196. EM6910 rebuild or replace?
  197. What ever happened to Gee machines?
  198. Advice on first setup + My introduction!
  199. Sunbeam and Breville machines
  200. EM7000 Coffee Pressure Dial
  201. Just ordered my new Silvia... what next?
  202. Silvia and the B-85 pump protector thermostat
  203. Rancilio Lucy... some questions
  204. Where to buy an Oscar in SG
  205. EM6910 no main pump, low hot water and steam pump. Had red light. now just not worki
  206. Trying to help a friend choose a machine
  207. Breville Dual Boiler vs QuickMill Anita
  208. portaspresso as main home brewing device
  209. Gaggia Baby Twin-Silvia steam wand
  210. EM6910 grouphead question
  211. Breville Dual Boiler Making odd noise sometimes
  212. Gaggia BabyTwin-Panarello
  213. Breville Dual Boiler help please
  214. Sunbeam EM7000 or Silvia
  215. Silvia 3 way solenoid valve advice
  216. First Machine: Pavoni or Silvia?
  217. BES860 solenoid issue
  218. EM6910 now being sold in the US as Krups XP618050..?
  219. Sunbeam EM6910 stops in continuous mode..
  220. IS there a doctor in the house??? Silvia malfunctioning- PID errors- super high temps
  221. Rancilio Silvia v3 + Auber PID + Compak K3 touch VS Nuova Simonelli Oscar + Rocky
  222. Quick pour - EM6910
  223. Rancilio Silvia & Rocky Grinder Package - early comments
  224. EM6910 Leaking Water from Underside
  225. Silvia and Auber PID pre-infusion option
  226. EM6910 - pressure problem - videos included.
  227. Tamper size and weight
  228. Upgrade-itis - What Next After Breville 800 Machine??
  229. Sunbeam EM7000 First Impressions
  230. Breville Model BES820
  231. Watlow SD3C /w Steam settings/restore default
  232. Just ordered Rancilio Silvia & Rocky Grinder Package
  233. Too much choice!
  234. EM7000 dripping water from group head
  235. EM6910 Pressure Profiling!
  236. Newbie - first machine, upgrade from aeropress
  237. Cold drip coffee
  238. Faema Family - help with diagnosis
  239. Cappucino machine <$1500
  240. Features of the BES900 in a European brand?
  241. EM6910 pressure and gauge issue
  242. Silvia Owners; How many test shots to get the grind right each morning?
  243. any vfa or Laranzato owners out there? looking for help with the button programing
  244. rancilio silvia bottomless portafilter basket uestion
  245. SB EM6910 Novice User
  246. Upgrading from Breville Cafe Roma to ?????? <$1000 options
  247. Question about BES840
  248. Newbie needs advice for husband's xmas present (be gentle)! $400 - $800?
  249. Silvia - Stopped Heating and No Power
  250. Okay, I'm converted...