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  1. Finally got a great brew...
  2. Upgraditis has set in, questions about the usual suspects within (Lelit, Silvia & a dash of Bezzera)
  3. Silvia lost steaming pressure!
  4. Breville 900 OPV and gauge
  5. Breville Dual Boiler
  6. need help with Breville BES900
  7. Leaking EM6910
  8. How to de-scale...
  9. Breville BES900 vs Nuova Simonelli Musica
  10. which naked PF for GEE?
  11. Is this a good deal?? Help please!
  12. Someone to service my La Pavoni Europiccolo in Melbourne
  13. Breville BES900 Seal Problem?
  14. Guarantees & extended Guarantees on Coffee Machines - especially Breville
  15. breville BDB bes 900 heat up problem??
  16. Miss Silvia Leaking from group head
  17. Lelit pl042em steam leak from arm
  18. Travel machine
  19. Sunbeam EM6910 or Gaggia classic?
  20. Advice Please - Are any of these any good?
  21. new auto to replace Breville failures?
  22. EM6910 shot and milk simultaneously
  23. Decisions decisions....
  24. Bugatti Diva spare parts and hose configuration
  25. which would you choose bz99 or san marino compact
  26. Help with cleaning (and what not to fiddle with) my old La Cimbali
  27. Lelit PL41TEM & Compak K3 Touch Help
  28. What would you do? Buy the Silvia?
  29. Noob with Sylvia
  30. Ilve DU16 (Ascaso Duo Professional) vs Nuova Simonelli Oscar
  31. Honest Opinion - Saeco Syntia
  32. BDB900 + Smart Grinder - Whats your formula for success?
  33. EM6910 humming. Faulty Pump?
  34. Newbie!! Rancilio Lucy help
  35. Europiccola help - Western Sydney
  36. I think I almost killed my EM6910
  37. Can you change the frothing attatchment for the Breville BES860?
  38. quaha /lelit combi
  39. Silvia wiring question
  40. i want to buy a coffee machine but am baffled by so many....help i am a beginner
  41. first ever serious coffee machine grinder please help oh knowledgeable ones!!
  42. Super Auto questions
  43. Advice-any decent machine that can also use ESE pods? (around $800)
  44. OPV Discussion Thread
  45. Should I PID my under warranty Silvia ?
  46. EM6910 and new Beanbay beans
  47. Thinking of buying the Breville 900
  48. Learning on the BES900
  49. Gaggia classic sparked and fizzed
  50. Silvia V3 and BCG800 Vs Lelit combi
  51. Choosing a new machine
  52. Rocky grinder suitable for Breville 900?
  53. Cleaning 6910 question.
  54. Any deals on 6910s around Adelaide?
  55. Bezzera BZ99s
  56. Why I wont buy the BES900 (Can anyone help me fix my BES820?)
  57. Alarm / Flashing Light EM6910
  58. Breville 800ESXL: Ever used? Any tips?
  59. Breville BES900 Dual Boiler - Owners thread
  60. Saeco Giro Odea
  61. Pressure Guage on EM6910
  62. Just purchased a used Sylvia....
  63. Breville BES900 (Dual Boiler) - First Problems
  64. Vibiemme Piccolo
  65. Breville 900 - update?
  66. Servicing EM6910
  67. Upgrade A Faithful EM6910 To?
  68. Advice on Nemox Caffe DellOpera
  69. Moving up a grade
  70. Brand New EM6910 - No Pressure
  71. Replacement machine
  72. Lelit PL41TEM negatives?
  73. Gaggia Classic / Coffee Deluxe new boiler unit
  74. Gaggia classic pre-infusion?
  75. How to clean my mokita combi
  76. Help! Ive broken my Gaggia!
  77. EM6910 Extraction Pressure
  78. sunbeam 6910 fixed now great steam
  79. Sunbeam EM6910 Double Setting
  80. Europiccola naked portafilter exposing problems
  81. Sunbeam Intuitive issues
  82. Standard Q, what would you buy...?
  83. [m by=4454585843566850565B370 destboard=Discussions dest=1163710607]: Ex-lurker
  84. Gaggia Service suggestions in Melbourne?
  85. Gaggia Classic: important questions
  86. Newbie! Gaggio Classic questions
  87. Breville BES900- Arrival time?
  88. Google Breville Dual Boiler
  89. Rancilio Silvia uneven pour
  90. Finally - victory.
  91. Looking for an affordable coffee machine in Australia
  92. Advice please
  93. UK Miss Silvia in Australia
  94. EM6900 Purchased on Ebay and Im a noob (so much win)
  95. Delonghi ESAM 3000 upgrade - worth doing?
  96. Technical Questions on La Pavoni
  97. Fix for leaky Lelit steam valve (hopefully)
  98. Silvia, Via Venezia or Lelit PL41 for office situation
  99. Need a new machine - my life has turned to grey
  100. Water distribution disk for Mokita Combi
  101. Are triple shot baskets available for Mokita/lelit machines
  102. Beans for La pavoni
  103. Sexy Coffee machine wanted !
  104. Help with Silvia 935 timer programming
  105. Delonghi EAM3000
  106. Faema Family Espresso
  107. Silvia leaky steam arm, which part do I need?
  108. Lelit Combo or Separate Machine & Grinder?
  109. Another Breville question......but about category generally
  110. Gaggia Dandy burnt tasting coffee
  111. Delongi Magnifica - Question on grind and quantity
  112. Sunbeam EM6910 Single Spout
  113. 6910 - How good compared to a Giotto Rocket?
  114. Identify Silvia Model
  115. Simple to use automatic machine
  116. Breville 900 or Silvia?
  117. Why shouldnt I buy the BES 900
  118. Silvia - Boiler insulation Pros & Cons
  119. Lelit PL41TEM
  120. Auber PID Silvia Lag problem
  121. Risks buying Silvia second hand?
  122. My trusty Gaggia has died, want to go Auto any suggestions?
  123. gaggia classic pid upgrade
  124. Thinking about upgrading... need advice
  125. Which PID to use for Rancilio Silvia?
  126. help with learning curve on my new silvia
  127. Sunbeam EM6910 vs Rancilio Silvia vs ???
  128. Gaggia classic temperature surfing
  129. EM6910 what is this gunk?
  130. Steam wand replacement on Gaggia Espresso Pure to Rancilio Silvia
  131. Saeco Incanto Rapid Steam - no steam or water OP
  132. PONY MODEL-T espresso machine
  133. An Oscar question
  134. My fisrt espresso machine and grinder
  135. Isomac Zaffiro - Living with it
  136. No more automatic - going manual!
  137. Recommendation for espresso/cappuccino machine
  138. Gaggia classic coffees for a group
  139. Which PID Kit for Silvia?
  140. carimali systema machine
  141. Silvia first day problems
  142. tips for leaving on a la pavoni/gaggia factory (g106/g105) all day
  143. Any KitchenAid Artisan aficionados out there?
  144. Gaggia Classic report + clarifications
  145. Service for Delonghi Magnifica Rapid
  146. Krups EA8080 Anyone know anything about this machine
  147. Help required to select new machine.
  148. BES860 Grinder Malfunction
  149. Mokita Super Inox Combi (2002)
  150. Nemox Fenice VS Sunbeam EM6910
  151. Service recommendations on NSW Central Coast?
  152. gaggia classic refirb.
  153. Faema Family PID project
  154. Where to test??
  155. Time to upgrade
  156. Sunbeam EM6900 Group Head Seal issues
  157. What to look out for when buying a used machine? La Pavoni Professional
  158. lever machine sought
  159. Salda (nemox, quaha, mokita, lelit etc) spares supplier?
  160. Breville Bes860 from good guys uner 600,or a Sunbeam 6910 $498
  161. Old La Pavoni spotted in antique shop
  162. Help with my Delonghi please :)
  163. PID Silvia rumbles
  164. Sunbeam em6910 vs Breville 800es
  165. Sunbeam EM6910 Cleaning disc
  166. Sunbeam EM6910 pressure gauge dead
  167. new silvia owner PID upgrade
  168. ps ashfiled appliance repairs
  169. sunbeam em6910 problems
  170. sunbeam cafe series em6910 humming noise
  171. Help with Saeco machine, please?
  172. Thanks for all of the advice and informative posts
  173. Breville BES 900 - Availability and Demonstration
  174. Help.....Via Venezia not heating
  175. What machine next?
  176. How do you clean your Sunbeam machine properly?
  177. Rancilio Silvia frame rust. Looking for recommendations on powder-coating in the Sydney area.
  178. Breville Dual Boiler
  179. Gaggia Classic Will Not Heat Up. Help!!!
  180. Gaggia Portafiller spout thread size?
  181. PID controller moved inside Miss Sylvia
  182. urgent help needed re Lelit water tank
  183. Breville BES800/ BCG800 ‘versus’ Sunbeam EM6910 / EM0480
  184. 6900 15bar pump not pushing much more than a few drips
  185. Full to Semi Auto Machines - Will it make a difference...??
  186. Gaggia Baby Dose - pump failure?
  187. La Pavoni Pro Lever: refurb
  188. Sunbeam EM 6910 on the blink
  189. Musical Silvia
  190. Query about circa-Silvia machines
  191. Moving to HK - better to buy here or there?
  192. Nuova Simonelli Oscar pressure
  193. Silvia and Sunbeam grinder, can the Sunbeam handle the Silvia?
  194. Pulling shots on a Lelit PL041...
  195. BES860... should I wait for 900?
  196. ~$600 Manual machine - confirm my decision!
  197. PID my Saeco Via Venezia or not? hmm...
  198. newbie silvia question
  199. Sunbeam EM6910 issues
  200. Feedback on my first shot and advice sought
  201. Breville BES860 Tamper Size?
  202. inconsistent pressure of EM6910?
  203. Tech help needed with "Little" brand, lever machine
  204. Gaggia- beyond the pid?
  205. EM6910 Steam half power and pressure gauge out of alignment
  206. size of quaha portafilter handle
  207. Saeco or De Longhi? Advice sought!
  208. Technique Using Pimped Rancilio Silvia - Seeking constructive criticism
  209. Lelit [ch8800] Nemox/Imat/Mokita
  210. Smallest boiler for great milk
  211. To buy new or second hand
  212. Gaggia Classic Journey...
  213. Scored an used Gaggia Classic, what to look out for?
  214. Lelit or the Siliva? I need to buy a new machine Sunbeam died :(
  215. Some Noob questions regarding my Sunbeam 6910
  216. saeco Magic
  217. Silvia with Auber PID Problem
  218. Group seal on EM6910 keeps coming out?
  219. My Silvia went POP!! :-[ :(
  220. Silvia two drawer tray base
  221. La Pavoni Professional Lusso: A Terrible Beauty is Born
  222. Best manual machine $500-1500
  223. Help before I turn on this stale Gaggia Classic
  224. em6910 problems
  225. Lelit Combi Downfalls?
  226. Automatic machine or Manual with separate grinder.
  227. Lelit - Filter basket getting stuck
  228. Best Auto Coffee Machine
  229. Upgrade Required - What to look for!?
  230. 6910 $399 at HN southland
  231. Gaggia coffe deluxe and using pods
  232. Which machine to buy? A Sunbeam or Breville?
  233. EM6910 grey water gradually oozing out after expressing
  234. EM 6910 - turned on whenever wall power on?!
  235. basket size for Minore I
  236. EM6910 - filter jug in place of calc filter?
  237. Newbie Looking For Advice
  238. Silvia bottomless portafilter splatter issue
  239. Dirty group head
  240. Buying sub $1k in Melb
  242. Advice please.
  243. Temp surfing
  244. Upgrade advice please? Lelit and Sunbeam EM040
  245. Cleaning/Servicing Nemox Fenice.
  246. Gaggia classic no flow through group head?
  247. New machine choice
  248. New Mid level machine - Where to buy in QLD
  249. Nemox Fenice + DeLonghi KG100 - newbie advice please :)
  250. Help