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Thread: !!GONE!! ECM Giotto Premium

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    !!GONE!! ECM Giotto Premium

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I have a beautiful Giotto ECM coffee machine that I purchased in November 2004. *I stopped using it about 12 months ago as I upgraded to a commercial 2 group machine and am finally getting around to selling it.

    The machine is in fantastic condition and has always been extremely well looked after, cleaned, serviced and cared for. *I recently gave it a full boiler descale and replaced the seal.

    The machine comes with one group handle, but both a single and double baskets and spouts, a 600ml and 1L milk jug, steam tip adapter and 2 commercial steam tips (a 2 hole and a 4 hole).

    A few specs:

    Premium 1.8 Litre boiler capacity
    1200 Watts
    10 AMP household power outlet
    Dimensions (W x D x H) mm 330 x 420 x 350
    Thermosyphon system
    Special ECM "low noise" system
    Pump Anti Blocking device (machine comes with vibration pump)
    Electronic boiler level control
    Anti burn stainless steel steam wand
    All stainless steel with additional chroming of side and rear panels
    High boiler and heat exchanger capacities
    Special device to eliminate backpressure from boiler
    4.5kg (9 lb) brewing group with progressive infusion system for best aroma, body and "crema"

    Asking price $[s]2000[/s] 1,900 ono.

    If you have any questions at all please call 0402 898 494. The item is available for pick-up in Jindalee, Brisbane.

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    Re: ECM Giotto Premium

    Good luck with the sale jamver although IMO youre being optimistic with the asking price. as far as I know it would have been ~$2400 new and you have to expect more than 17% depreciation in 5 years.

    Having said that, I have the same machine and shes a beauty. Would recommend to anyone.

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    Re: ECM Giotto Premium

    Id echo Caffiene Junkys comments, especially since new it would have come with two group handles. Mind you, I also notice you make it an "ONO".

    Doesnt stop me wishing you well, though, and commenting on how good these machines are. It took a GS3 for me to upgrade.



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    Re: ECM Giotto Premium

    you have been PMed

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    Re: ECM Giotto Premium

    PM replied.

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    Re: !!GONE!! ECM Giotto Premium

    The machine is still available, so Ill reduce the price to $1900 and throw in a stainless steel tamper.


    mod edit- at 6 months since listing and no activity from the OP for a month, well assume this one is gone or that there is no interest at the sale price

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