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Thread: !!SOLD!!: Rancilio Silvia 2010 V3 & Rancilio Rocky Grinder

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    !!SOLD!!: Rancilio Silvia 2010 V3 & Rancilio Rocky Grinder

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I have for sale a rancilio silvia coffee machine and rocky grinder. The coffee machine was purchased april last year from Coffee-A-Aroma. I have used this to make one coffee aday. The machines has been regulary backflushed every week with cleaner. I have descaled boiler twice as well. This was done every five months. I used only filtered water. There are some tiny scratches on tray but nothing to worry about as they not to visible. Makes great coffee.

    The coffee grinder is second hand however still grinds great coffee. I have spare new cutters/burrs to go with grinder. But old ones work fine.

    Total package includes a single basket, double basket, 18 gram basket. Steel Tamper (which came with machine) and plastic coffee scoop and coffee grinder. Price is $700. Buyer pays for postage.

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    Re: FS Rancilio Silvia 2010 V3 & Rancilio Rocky Grinder

    Good price, shouldnt last too long.

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