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Thread: !! SOLD !! Pullman Tamper 58mm

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    !! SOLD !! Pullman Tamper 58mm

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Due to a whole in my grinder upgrade budget, up for sale is my much prized Pullman Deluxe Tamper. *The base is sized to fit a Synesso double and measures approximately 58.8mm in diameter. *The handle is from olive wood, which I believe is not that common.

    It is in very good 2nd hand condition, with very minor scratches on the base, and no marks on the handle.

    Asking price is $110, which includes delivery to anywhere in Oz ($100 for local pick-up in Perth).

    It is a beautiful tamper, and a reluctant sale, so be quick before I change my mind :(

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    Re: FS: Pullman Tamper 58mm

    :o :o :o Um, we made *one* of those handles! So popular was it that we sold it twice within three minutes of listing it! Im tempted to buy it back myself...!

    Heres a snap of the handle when we listed it for sale so you can see the detail...

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    Re: FS: Pullman Tamper 58mm

    Thanks Greg, this tamper has been a pleasure to own, and hopefully will not be my last Pullman!

    Tamper has been sold (to the grande fromage no less 8-).

    I hope you enjoy it Andy.


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    Re: FS: Pullman Tamper 58mm

    Nice timing actually.

    I needed another Pullman on the coffee machine as my 1st one got stolen, the second got resized (to suit the Della Corte) for Erin to use at the World Latte Art championships in Cologne this year so Im due for number 3!

    Thanks Simon.

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