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Thread: WANTED: Cheap thermoblock

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    WANTED: Cheap thermoblock

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I'm looking for a thermoblock to give pre-heating my Gaggia classic a shot.

    If anyone has a thermoblock (working element and thermostat) they're not using, post or PM me what it's worth to you, shipped to Tassie.

    I can pick up a working *insert cheap nasty semi-auto* on Gumtree for $25 so I'd be looking at sub-that and would prefer not to waste an arguably good machine regardless, so that pretty much limits be to those with a cheap machine with a busted pump or similar that's not worth fixing and they haven't gotten around to binning yet.

    Bonus points if it comes with some/all of the hose attached to the intake/exhaust

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    where are you located?

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    Tassie, @Gazza is sorting me out though (all things going well)

    Cheers - Alex

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