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Thread: !!!SOLD!!! - FS (SYD) - ECM Technika IV Profi

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    !!!SOLD!!! - FS (SYD) - ECM Technika IV Profi

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi All,

    For sale is my ECM Technika IV Profi Rotary, the one from this well loved thread:

    In summary this model is:
    - Able to be run plumbed or tank
    - Rotary pump
    - Heat Exchanger
    - Lever steam and hot water wands
    - Stainless Steel boiler
    - Insulated/no burn steam/hot water arms

    Reason for sale
    I've very much enjoyed this machine, and am selling because my regular need for supplying coffee to 30+ people in short order necessitates a dual boiler situation!
    Pro 700 here I come (to match my grinder).

    Age and upkeep
    The machine is just shy of 3 years old, call it 2.11 years, it has been very recently serviced by JetBlack Espresso in French's Forest, and has been serviced every year since I bought it (3 times). Hasn't needed a descale and is still scale free due to using a Brita Finest filter. Has been regularly backflushed, and is in an excellent clean condition. Has new gaskets and has been lubricated where necessary.
    - Full service history available from JetBlack espresso if you want it. Just ask me and I'll give you the serial number and they can look it up for you.

    As expected it has scuff marks on the drip tray and little wear marks here and there on the cup tray, but the bodywork is in excellent condition - no dents or scratches in the panels. There are two small marks on the e61 which you'll not notice or care about. As you'll see I tried to photograph them but was pretty much impossible. It polishes up very well.

    - This machine has had a thermosyphon restrictor put in, meaning the steam pressure can be higher (sits at 1.4 bar over the stock 1.2) while the brew temperature is still ideal, NO cooling flushes necessary. A $250 service
    - This machine has also had a wiring mod done to take the pressure off the control board for switching the boiler, instead all the switching is done by the pressurestat. (This is now done as factory default, but wasn't when I bought the machine...)
    - Upgraded the shower screen to an IMS shower screen (200 micro) - helps with water distribution, but more importantly helps with keeping the internals clean - WAY less coffee grime from a backflush after popping this bad boy in.
    - Comes with an 18g and 20g VST basket
    - Silicone brew gasket
    That's $350 worth of upgrades with tangible benefits.

    Comes with
    - It's original box and foam padding. I use it when I take the machine away with me. If you buy this machine from me, DON'T throw away the box. You'll want it.
    - Both portafilters, single and double, plus another double spout in case you wanted two double portafilters instead.
    - Stainless steel braided hose for plumbing
    - Manual
    - I think I have the plastic tamper somewhere...
    - And the shower screen and VST baskets as mentioned above.

    I'll throw in a coffee distributor tool (generic, but quite effective)
    If you're an interested newbie, and if you'd need, I'd happily throw in a Grindenstein knock bin and a 400ml and 600ml milk jug. If you need a tamper let me know and I can help sort you out with a 58.4mm tamper.
    If you're the kind of person who would buy a machine like this but not get around to organising proper water filtration... I'll slap you. But also would throw in an as yet unused Brita Finest C150 filter cartridge for an extra $50. You'd just have to get yourself a filter head. but if it makes you filter your water, I'd be happy to have to take the loss on that. This machine has only been fed the best water, and because it has a stainless boiler, it likes PH neutral water (which the Finest will give it)

    Asking $2200 firm. This is excellent value given the model, the upgrades, the freebies and it's service history.

    I live in Newtown in Sydney.
    I'd prefer pickup, as it gives you the chance to see the machine in person and is far less of a hassle for me. If you want it shipped, you would need to arrange this.

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    Happy for anyone to come have a look/ask me for more pics if need-be

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    Hi Readeral.
    Having read your pre purchase and post purchase posts over the years, I have absolutely no doubt that this is a very well cared for and maintained machine.
    GLWS and look forward to reading about your upgrade (especially if you join the Profitec club )


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    Not if, Mal, it's on my bench already!! I won't have a chance to write up/post about it for a week though. Thanks for the comment mate
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    Sold to the ever gentlemanly snobber, Shannon. Hope you enjoy mate! Great to have a 'snobs pow wow as well.

    Mods please mark as sold.
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    Well done Guys...

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