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Thread: !!!SOLD!!! - FS - 1kg LPG Roaster JYR/NORTH - Ballarat

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    !!!SOLD!!! - FS - 1kg LPG Roaster JYR/NORTH - Ballarat

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I purchased this second hand form a CSer in 2017 and used it for 12 months to build my fledgling roastery! I upgraded to a 7kg Phantom in early 2018 and this has sat around "just in case" since. It hasn't been needed so i think it's time to move it on to a new home.

    This is the one commonly known as JYR or TJ067 or North of which there are two permanent listings on the bay of evil.

    Brief specs are;
    - LPG fired. Uses standard BBQ bottle (not included)
    - Power: single phase 240V 50Hz, 175w, standard 10amp socket
    - Will roast 1.2kg green to produce about 1kg roasted coffee when driven appropriately! I use a minimum batch size of 600g to give 500 g roasted. Smaller batches are possible.
    - Full control over heat (gas flame), airflow, drum speed.
    - Seperate cooling fan for continuous roasting and cooling.
    - Comes with chaff cyclone and used flex ducting, i would recommend grabbing new ducting but will include the used or getting some stainless pipes fabricated (never got around to it).
    - Size: 1030*740*920 mm
    - Weight: 110kg
    - Solid Stainless Steel drum
    - GAS consumption: 0.3kg/hr - a 9kg bottle lasts for ages.

    Added extras included in price;
    - 2 additional thermocouples plugged plug into a Phidget - these read Bean Temp and Environment Temp (i used artisan to log roasts).
    - Uprated regulator ex Mill City Roasters by original owner
    - Wheeled trolley as per pic (more to come if needed)

    Located in Millbrook 3352 (between Ballan and Ballarat) for inspection or collection, you will need an SUV or ute as it is heavy and large!!

    I only ever had one issue with it and that is that that cooling arm motor takes 30-40 seconds to get going in cold weather. In warm weather it is fine. I replaced the capacitor but that wasn't it! if your more mechanical than me maybe you could pull the motor apart and grease it but i just used it as is, on cold days i turned it on earlier! once going it can be switched on and off as per a warm day.

    This roaster will go back to back all day, i did have some days when driven by necessity i easily roasted 15kg in a day.

    Asking $4,000 pickup only (i can deliver to the west side of Melbourne if it can be sorted with someone).

    Roaster - 3.jpg
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    just wrote you a message!

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    if i had space!

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    Sold and heading to Germany in the next week (yep!!)

    Thanks again CS for providing a place to buy/sell awesome coffee machinery
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