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Thread: !!!SOURCED!!! - WTB [SYD] OE Lido 2 hand grinder

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    !!!SOURCED!!! - WTB [SYD] OE Lido 2 hand grinder

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Wanted: OE Lido 2 hand grinder
    Price range: Up to $200 posted for unit in great condition.
    Location: Iím in North Sydney, happy to buy one from anywhere.

    Iíve heard these grinders are built to last so keen to buy a 2nd hand one from someone if itís collecting dust amongst your collection of grinders. If not Iíll buy a new one from a site sponsor.

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    Can buy a new one for not much more than your indicated budget...


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    Hi have a Lido 3 that I'm not using and haven't used much at all since getting off a CS'er here... little bit at start but the work travel dried up. Let me think on parting with it tomorrow... :-)

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