Hey all,

In January 2003, in the last throws of my post-graduate studies, I finally upgraded my La Cimabi Domus for a La Cimbali Junior S. *About 18 months later, the handle of my Gaggia MDF *snapped and I decided to upgrade rather than fixing it. *In those days I drank up to ten cups of coffee a day - I kid you not. These days, not so much...

So, Im selling my beautiful coffee machine and grinder. *These should be with someone who use them much more than I do. Check out the pictures and youll see both items are like new. *Ill consider offers for both together, or separately. *I figure the machine is worth about $2500 - 2700, and the grinder around $400. *

Make me some offers and well see where we end up? Im in Canberra, and pickup would obviously be the best option - I think I have the boxes for both items - but Im equally cool with putting the machine on a couriers trolley, provided the buyer is happy to pay for it. *

Email me - ppierre@iinet.net.au with offers.

Cheers, Pete