Coffee Sensor Romania

2 Corneliu Coposu st.
Zalau City, Salaj County
450018, Romania
Mb. +40 744 482 840

I'm Tudor. We (my family and i) are the manufacturer of the E61 HX and SBDU temperature sensor (e61 thermometer) for professional coffee machines.
The sensor can be used with any coffee machine that has an E61 group head model and the hex screw right up front.
The company was established one year ago in Romania and since then we keep selling and expending the business day by day.
For each and every region from the globe ( we sell worldwide ) we thought about special offers that can help both parties.

For Australia and New Zealand, for orders with 3 units and above, we can offer free shipping using EMS courier.
That means that the package usually arrives within 7-10 days.
We already had some customers from AU and NZ. Maybe they are members here and will post their feedback on the forum threads.
Also we are in some talks with a major company from AU that supplies coffee machines and accessories to bots countries, to start a collaboration.

If you have any questions or orders, feel free to send a PM to me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

For group orders, please pick one person to represent the buyers. That person will keep track of the package and will discuss with me all details.

For details please visit our website Coffee Sensor - Thermometer Extraction - Handlebar Pressure Gauge or visit our FB page @E61CoffeeSensor.

Thank you !

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