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Thread: the tenth state

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    the tenth state

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    for all the UWA uni students out there.
    usual good 5 senses service bringing very drinkable coffees to a nice little corner between broadway and stirling hwy. for the moment the baristas seem to at least know most of their stuff and real friendly too!

    (IMO, regional competition, rocket to me seems overpriced and the results in the cup not as impressive)

    cute little concept shop on the side too for the trendy hipster

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    Oh thanks for the heads up fellow UWA'er. Rocket fuel is overpriced and pretty crap imo.

    Will check it out

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    +1 on this - in my Perth Top 5.

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    Had a great take away tonight, and am very pleased that they are open when I leave from work. A much needed boost to this area - where average coffee abounds, this excels

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    dropped by with my wife n kid last week directly after trying out felix n co. nice cosy coffee / gift shop. the coffee was smoother and taste nicer(safer blend?) than what i had at felix n co. friendly barista and the cake that we had was free of charge since it was around 4.30pm. they don't keep them overnight was the reason.

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