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    mo espresso

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    5 senses. met will and ben (i'm horrid with names but i think that's right..) and you can just sense the eagerness to learn more about coffee in them. started just a week ago last Monday at trinity arcade and are really doing the right things - dumping poor shots and only serving what they feel is yum. espresso was awesome (crompton road) on the sabre and word that they'll be starting filter and cold brews soon. they've been working closely with ron ngo and have been getting some great results. just so nice to see more and more places like this in CBD perth area. highly recommended!

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    Dropped by for lunch.

    Quiet but quality side of the CBD in Trinity Arcade away from the hustle and bustle.

    Small but quality espresso bar serving a couple of hot food items and a selection of cakes.

    Coffee was nice. Smooth Crompton Rd blend in the form of a macchiato. Enjoyed it.

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    got a freebie from a friend who recommended the place...

    had no clue they had crompton road in the hopper.

    coming from the lowdown, i thought service was a little unethusiastic and the flat white was kinda weak - suffers from the typical overwhelming hot milk not enough espresso problem (to be fair most cafes in perth cbd do, bar lowdown and small print imo)...had to wait for it to cool before i could taste any semblance of the blend...

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